A sea and an ocean might look similar since both are large saltwater bodies. But they are different in so many ways. The difference is separated in terms of depth, area, and marine life.

Difference between Sea and Ocean


  • A sea is a large body of saline water that occupies the large portion of the earth’s surface but is smaller in comparison to the ocean. 
  • The sea is surrounded by land on most of its sides and is part of one of the ocean. The Sargasso Sea is an exception. It is defined only by ocean currents.
  • One can reach the sea bed (bottom) for experiments. 
  • Light can reach the bottom of the sea.
  • The largest sea out there is the Mediterranean Sea (1,144,800 square miles) but the deepest sea is the Caribbean Sea with the depth measure of 6,946 meters.
  • Sea of Marmara (area of 4,382 square miles) is the smallest sea known. In addition, other notable seas are Baltic Sea, North Sea, Bering Sea and the Red and Yellow Seas.
  • The existence of aquatic life is abundant since the sea is around the land.


  • An ocean is a vast body of salty water that occupies 70% of the earth’s total surface.
  • The ocean is larger in size compared to the sea and boundless.
  • The bottom of the ocean cannot be reached for experiments. They are almost impossible.
  • In the case of the ocean, lights are out of the question to reach.
  • The largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean with a depth of 10,924 meters and an area of 60,060,700 square miles.
  • The smallest ocean is the Arctic Ocean that just covers the area of 5,427,000 square miles.
  • Oceans are far away from the land and deeper as well that makes the aquatic life lesser.

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